Prepaid Funeral Plans

Planning for the Future

At John Duckworth Funeral Directors, we offer two ways in which you can plan your funeral for the future. The first is with our Golden Charter prepaid funeral plans, and the second option is with our in house "Wish List".


Funeral Plans

Whilst no-one likes to think about death or funerals, whether it’s our own or our loved ones’, having a plan can make things that little more bearable. It can be comforting to know that when the time comes, your funeral wishes will be taken care of.

A funeral plan can also save your family worry and expense, help make things easier for your loved ones at a difficult time and we are proud to recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter, the UK’s leading independent funeral plan provider.

Golden Charter

The Independent Way Funeral Plan

The Independent Way Funeral Plan is a plan tailor-made to suit you. The plan allows you to organise a completely bespoke funeral service - whether that is a simple ‘Direct Cremation’ without fuss or a more traditional farewell.

The benefit of the Golden Charter Independent Way Funeral Plan, is that you only pay for the services that you require unlike other plans which operate on a set package basis, ultimately paying for additional services that you don’t actually require.

How does it work?

The first step is a simple phone call to us, your local independent family funeral director.
A mutually convenient appointment can be arranged which can take place in the comfort of your own home, or in one of our offices. We will have an informal chat and then establish how much your funeral plan will be if appropriate. Regardless of whether you decide to proceed with a funeral plan or not, we do not charge any fees whatsoever for this service. All monies are paid to Golden Charter Ltd where they remain until the time comes.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your funeral plan in one lump sum or by instalments if that suits you better. If you opt to pay monthly over a 12 month period, your instalments will be interest free. You can even choose to pay in instalments covering up to a 20 year period by direct debit. However, in this case, interest will be charged at the prevailing rate. Please ask us for further details on payment options.

Are there any hidden extras?

Funeral costs are made up of two components - the funeral director’s fees and the third party fees (cremation/burial/officiant fees etc.) We fully guarantee our professional fees, meaning that no matter how much our fees increase, you do not pay a penny more at the time of need.
The third party fees are outside of our control as a funeral director, however you may wish to include a contribution towards them in your plan. Please speak to us for more details.

Is my plan and money safe?

It is important to reassure you that your money is safe and protected. All payments made go directly into the Golden Charter Trust Fund where it is managed by a board of independent trustees and is not paid out to ourselves until the funeral has taken place.

Mrs. Sheila Williamson, Redhouse

"I would like to thank you for your caring support and compassion. You helped to make a difficult time slightly easier to bear. With heartfelt thanks."

The 'Funeral Wish List'

We understand that purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan is not possible for everyone. However, if you would still like to plan your funeral, our in house ‘Wish List’ is the ideal solution to record your wishes.

We will spend time with you in exactly the same way as if you were purchasing a funeral plan, we will note all of your wishes which will be held safely on file, without any financial transaction taking place. This is a complimentary service we provide which we hope will give you peace of mind.


Golden Charter